How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Summer

How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Summer

Summer is the most happening season of the year. If spring is gentle like a flower blooming, then summer is grabbing life by its horns and galloping. You’ll find yourself outdoors, travelling, partying, experimenting with all the energy coming from the heat.

If you were looking to compete with the sun, here are a few tips on how to keep glowing throughout!

Sunscreen Is Essential

With the sun blasting its light, you need to protect your skin. Do not let it out-glow you! To protect yourself from the sun’s rays look for a sunscreen with a broad SPF spectrum. Touch your sunscreen up, every time you touch up your lipstick, ideally in between a few hours, for the best overall health of your skin. Do not let the sun catch you slipping!

Take cold showers

Cold showers are your motivators. They’ll keep you refreshed, help you beat the heat and also help retain the moisture on your skin, as opposed to hot showers. Try to keep your showers lukewarm to cold at best and use them when you need a jumpstart on your energy.

Lighten Your Products

With so much light already in the sky, remember to switch out your thick creams for thinner ones water-based ones. You have to match the weather!

A Routine Is Your Best Friend

Having a routine of moisturizing before bed and applying your skincare products will make it easier for you to keep up your glow. If the sun can orbit every morning, you can also remember to keep your skincare routine!

Vitamin C Is Your Second Best Friend

A good vitamin c serum will protect your skin from hyperpigmentation, the way a knight protects a castle from enemies. Layering a few drops on your skin in between your cleanser and moisturizer will add that extra defense to keep your skin firmer and healthier.

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