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Zero Gravity

Perfectio Plus by Zero Gravity

Perfectio Plus by Zero Gravity

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Perfectio+ uses LED (Light-Emitting-Diodes) technology, using red & infra-red light.
The light penetrates the skin more eectively than any cream out there and it
uses proven technology extensively researched by NASA.

The LED light is known to promote production of cells, collagen bers
& elastin. By doing that, it’s basically rejuvenating your skin.

The wave length of our Perfectio+ can penetrate up to 3mm (millimeter)
under the skin reaching the hypodermis level which is the innermost and
thickest layer of the skin.

The Perfectio+ treats all layers of the skin — epidermis,
dermis, all the way down to the hypodermis — from surface
to core. The Perfectio+ has the strongest wavelength in
the market — between 700-940 nanometers— so
it’s more eective than any device out there.

The Perfectio+ treatment probe (metal head) will heat
up to 40-42 Celsius (104-107 Fahrenheit) to provide topical
heating that increases local blood ow at the treated area.
The increased blood ow to the treated area provides
proteins and oxygen for better healing of the skin.

Red & infra-red light treatment is completely safe and has
no reported side effects.

The Perfectio+ is clinically proven and was found safe to
use. It is also dermatologist recommended and
FDA approved.

The red light is also known to reduce the melanin(hormone)
level in the skin and improve the appearance of
age spots and dark spots.

Today LED technology is being used also by therapists for
arthritis, joint pain relief, sport injuries of athletes and more.

In research done by NASA it was found that some common
side eect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments can
be reduced by using LED light treatment.

NASA also found it to aid in the healing of human
wounds, burns and diabetic skin ulcers.


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