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Zero Gravity

Perfectio X (Brown) by zero gravity

Perfectio X (Brown) by zero gravity

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The perfectio X is the best medical device right now on the market for skin rejuvenation and it's the only one of its kind cleared as a medical device by the FDA. It uses a powerful combination of red and infrared LED lights which provide a deeper and more effective treatment to all skin layers down to the core of the skin, plus it helps any facial mask or cream to penetrate deeper into the skin for truly remarkable results. LED red light is known to promote production of cells, collagen fibers and elastin to rejuvenate, lift and tighten your skin. The red light is known to reduce the melanin level in the skin and improve the appearance of age spots and dark spots. 

The perfectio X wavelength is between 610-850 nanometers. It comes with water proof glass head - a glass treatment probe for optimal light exposure, 50% more photo light therapy energy will treat the skin. The glass probe heats-up to 42 degree celsius to provide tropical heating which further increases local blood flow at the treated area, providing extra nutrients and extra oxygen for better healing of the skin.


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